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Human Figure

Rodrigo de la Sierra’s sculptures have a tendency toward realism, or the interpretation of a reality, and the artist creates them by following a theme, like the “Acrobat” or the “Wall Street” series...


De la Sierra refers to Timo as everybody’s man, somewhat of an alter ego. With a closer study of this character one sees a seemingly comic veneer interpreting some real serious stuff. While still a full time architect, De la Sierra gives birth to Timo towards the end of 2006, with a small wooden sculpture of Timo leaning on the world: “Reaching my Universe”, but this little man really arrives on the art scene during the beginning of the global economic crisis, the banking crisis and the closing of a major investment bank.

The artist creates the money series in a pale bronze patina, between 2008 and 2009 and all depict Timo in money situations...